Day 1 – RHODES

Embark your yacht in Rhodes. The Hospitaller Castle of Rhodes is the major attraction along with the old town surrounding it. A variety of local cuisine is available, changing from year to year as restaurateurs retire to Long Island and Philadelphia, but Ta Kioupia in Ialissos is long established and highly regarded while Romios Restaurant in the old town (near the minaret) offers a superior mom-and-pop fare.


Day 2 – SIMI

Simi Town has a special charm with neo-classical homes of long-gone sea captains on the steep harbor slopes. From the heights above Simi Town see the straits in which the Spartan fleet in 411 BC trapped the Athenian fleet, beginning a six-year decline in Athenian maritime dominance culminating in the final defeat at Aegospotami. See as well the remains of the monument (Tropaion) erected to celebrate the local victory. The best tavern dining in Simi may be found at Meraklis one block south of the harbor.


Day 3 – DATCA

Sail to Datca after breakfast. Enjoy a swimming break at the magnificent bays on the way before entering Datca marina in the afternoon. Upon the completion of customs formalities, spend your free time to explore the town. Overnight at the harbor or a bay.



Departure for Loryma before breakfast. The fortress here dates back to the third century BC while the two acropolei are Chersonese and centuries older. The anchorage during the fourth century BC harbored the Persian fleet of Conon the Athenian while the Persian prepared to end Sparta's sea supremacy in a battle fought off old Knidos. The seafood at Coban Ali's place on the shore can be surprisingly good and one of the statue bases in his back yard may well have once supported a bronze Conon. In the meanwhile, do not miss one of the best spots for swimming and kayaking in the crystal clear waters of the Aegean. After lunch, sail to the town of Marmaris, Ancient Physcus which is 3.5 hours away. Overnight at the harbor or a bay.



Departure for Ekincik. Anchor for breakfast before changing to a small fishing boat to cruise to the delta of Dalaman River to see Iztuzu - Caretta Caretta Beach. The ride on the channel which twists and winds its way all the way up to the Lake of Koycegiz captures you with the splendid scenery of the Lycian rock tombs. After wandering around the ruins of Caunos and visiting the curative mud baths, return to your yacht in the afternoon for your overnight in Ekincik.



Departure for Aga Limani Bay before breakfast. Sail to the Gulf of Gocek following breakfast and visit Cleopatra Bay, Wall Bay and Tomb Bay. Overnight at Gocek Island or Yassica Islands.


Day 7 – GOCEK

Sail to the harbor after breakfast and disembark at the marina in Gocek.