A Word from The President


Ferit Kayrak

Dear Friends,


In an ever-changing business environment, the success and long-term viability of your organization is determined by how well you are able to adapt to change, and implement solutions throughout every facet of your business.


A core target of unconditional customer satisfaction can be achieved through communicating accurate information fast, facilitating a broad range of products that meet individual customer needs, instituting a high level of customer service, and managing efficient revenue and commission transfers. Aside from these attributes, Vanguard Travel Services differentiates itself through its highly motivated and deeply dedicated team members, who continue to excel in their efforts to design valuable programs and experiences.


We understand the intensely competitive business environment in which we collectively operate, and our promise to deliver unconditional customer satisfaction through product diversity and on-the-ground customer service will elevate us above the competition.


I wish you a very successful year of business with many opportunities for Vanguard to serve your clientele.


Sincerely yours,


Ferit F. Kayrak


Ferit Kayrak