Our Team

Ferit F. Kayrak - Founder & President



Ferit KayrakTravel and meeting people have been Ferit’s passion since his early ages. Family vacations during childhood were replaced at his teenage years by trips taken with school friends to off-the-beaten paths of Turkey and Europe. His appreciation of literature and history of renaissance art paved the way to a college degree in Italian Literature for him. Inspired by his studies of literature, Ferit has an inquisitive mind with an everlasting hunger for learning. His in-depth interest in literature, history and art generates the creativity and motivation leading him to think and design unique programs wowing even the most seasoned traveler.


“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is what you hear Ferit saying a thousand times a day and he keeps reminding his team at the end of every Monday morning meeting “think of the beautiful, long for the beautiful, and deliver the beautiful”.


With his dedication to travel and his warm personality, Ferit is the source of inspiration for his team.





Nuray Kayrak - Product Development / Custom Vacations



Nuray Kayrak

Having joined Vanguard in 2007, Nuray has focused on crafting itineraries for families that choose Turkey for their vacations.
Over the years she developed the know-how and experience in putting together fun and exciting itineraries that would draw the attention of younger travelers
as well as their parents. Being a mother to three sons, Nuray is definitely the go-to-person at Vanguard for unforgettable family vacations.





Gizem Caliskan - Senior Product Development Executive / FIT Accounts & Supplier Relations



Gizem ÇalışkanWhen you seek an answer at the most extraordinary hour of the day, rest assured that Gizem will get back to you with exactly what you are in search of. Gizem’s enthusiasm to her position and her dedication to Vanguard may very well be a cause of jealousy for New York Yankee fans! Her amazing ability to negotiate with hotels and other suppliers makes us think that she could be a stockbroker for Merril Lynch at New York Stock Exchange. Gizem is the talent behind the scenes managing Vanguard’s private shore excursions in Istanbul and Ephesus.





Onno Paluyan - Senior Product Development Executive / FIT & Group Accounts



Onno PaluyanOnno, a graduate of Tourism Administration of Bogazici University and an enthusiastically devoted team member of Vanguard Travel Services since March 2011, is a true magician of custom product development. Onno's previous experience in the incentive travel market has brought in the company a brand new perspective on how to enrich our leisure accounts while his passion for wine and islands feeds in the entire team as the perfect source of inspiration especially for our culinary and wine tours to the less recognized and acknowledged jewels of Turkey. Onno is the master of programs for smaller groups with a special interest focus, crafting each and every itinerary as an intricate work of art. He also loves to find out and experience new boutique hotels to excel in the accommodation component to match the perfect product our team would like to present to our discerning clientele.




Daghan Ozoncul - FIT Accounts & Operations



Here is a man that makes you think that God created him to serve in the hospitality business only. Daghan works long hours with above and beyond commitment, coordinating the ground operation for the custom FIT accounts. His fluency with his job and accuracy in organizing the port operations is a major asset to Vanguard’s perfection in delivering custom shore excursions to its affluent clientele. We all owe him a big thank you for his creative and pleasant personality that finds solutions and elevates our morale at the most challenging moments.





Hazal Toredi -  FIT Accounts & Product Development



At Vanguard we concentrate on building products that our clientele of travel advisors would be most impressed by and would offer to their discerning clientele with full confidence. Once the sale is closed, the next step is operating the services booked for the discerning traveler. It is at the process of serving the guest on the ground, Hazal from our operations team and also the youngest member of Vanguard exhibits her perfectionism. With her attention to detail, Hazal is responsible for all supplier bookings required for our FIT accounts. Her tranquility and ability to execute her duty with everlasting dedication ensure that Vanguard keeps its promise of delivering impeccable ground services.





Ozgur Poyrazoglu - IT & Web Consultant



Ozgur PoyrazogluOzgur has been working on internet business, digital marketing, content providing and community management since the mid 90's, which has provided him with an opportunity to monitor the emergence and growth of the sector in Turkey. Having conducted large-scope projects for corporate clients, Ozgur possesses corporate experience and strong project management skills. His position as one of the founding partners at Sodamedya Interactive, a boutique digital agency, provides him with extensive knowledge on start-up businesses and leadership/managerial abilities as well as an entrepreneurial perspective.


Ozgur and Sodamedya Interactive are responsible for developing and the maintenance of Vanguard’s new corporate website as well as other related online portals complementing it, encouraging Vanguard Travel Services to invest even more on the online prospects for travel business.



Suat Karli - In-house CPA



Suat is the in-house CPA of Vanguard Travel Services and creates magic with numbers. Progressing through his career working for various travel companies in Turkey, Suat joined Vanguard four years ago and took over the accounting department. In collaboration with Ani, Suat handles with utmost care and therefore also perfection all invoicing, tax declarations and legal documentations, protecting Vanguard from any violations that can be caused by lack of attention to legal procedures.





Ani Kasbar - Accounting Executive



Everybody loves Raymond and everybody loves Ani! There are not too many accountants in the world that have as many fans as Ani for her sense of humor that is the proof for her intelligence. Behind her big smile, there lies a professional with amazing attention to details in numbers and calculations. Ani follows up commission checks and wires with utmost care, making it a pleasure for travel advisors to work with Vanguard.