Why Vanguard?


Why prefer Vanguard Travel Services as your partner for travel to Turkey?


Vanguard promises:


- Unconditional consumer satisfaction

- Uniquely personalized programs

- The best existing product components such as vehicles, accommodations, yachts and guiding services

- Competitive pricing

- A hassle-free booking process

- Convenient payments and commission processing



What sets Vanguard Travel Services apart?


Hospitality - Vanguard’s handpicked guides are experts in serving affluent travelers. Our dedicated, highly qualified guides are well-dressed, courteous, and personable professionals. They serve our valued clientele with utmost hospitality. Our drivers maintain our fleet of AC Mercedes Benz vehicles in pristine condition while serving their travelers with kindness and courtesy. Our fleet of vehicles is comprised of the newest Mercedes Benz models with no cars older than three years. Vanguard pays exceeding attention to details with little touches to make the travelers feel like royalty such as offering frozen towels and cold refreshments by butler service during hot summer months.


Access - Vanguard delivers access to people, events and venues. Exclusive access to venues, famous personalities, and luminaries is the field that Vanguard has an enviable reputation for. For your special interest groups, incentives, or independent travelers, Vanguard can create unique experiences thanks to its contacts at key positions.


Value - Vanguard’s custom products are competitively priced leaving a considerable margin for client companies to generate significant revenue. Likewise, client companies are credited for incremental sales in cases where travelers purchase additional travel products during their stay in Turkey.



How easy is it to work with Vanguard Travel Services?


Proposals - Vanguard’s in-house advisors quickly respond and confirm the receipt of your incoming inquiries. Within 24 hours, we deliver a personalized itinerary as a PDF document detailed with valuable information on destinations, such as top rated restaurants, information on Turkish cuisine, suggested reading, times and dates when museums are open and closed, and emergency contact information. Our proposal will include the net rate, payment and cancellation policy for convenience. We believe that our proposals are unmatched within the industry and will foster a strong impression of professionalism with your clientele.


Payment - Vanguard welcomes payment in three different forms:

- Credit Card - All charges are applied on credit cards in U.S. dollars and no fees are applied for transactions with MasterCard or Visa.

- Wire Transfer - Clients can wire the net cost of booked services to Vanguard’s account in the U.S. or in Turkey. Vanguard incurs the cost of wire-transfer charges.

- Checks - Vanguard honors payments made by U.S. bank checks in U.S. dollars.

- For convenience of our guests we provide secure link payment as well. Please click here for secure link verification document.