A country that has a unique location on the planet where Europe and Asia embrace each other… that has been the homeland for an incredible variety of culture and welcoming you with her ever hospitable people along with a super delicious cuisine…Turkey is the destination where we serve as your humble servants crafting and operating out-of-the-ordinary travel products for the taste of the world’s most discerning travelers.


Delivering the most personalized ground services to world’s top tour operators and travel advisors, Vanguard Travel Services has a vision that has brought an innovative approach to the business of destination management, positioning itself as the ‘operator’ rather than only the ‘supplier’. In a business ambience of cut-throat competition, at Vanguard Travel Services we more than willingly “wear the shoes of our clients”, feeling the exact strive and dedication for perfection that is felt and aimed by our partners of tour operators and travel advisors to please their hard-earned clientele of affluent travelers.


As an inbound operator that caters to the niche of custom travel, Vanguard Travel Services offers travel products and experiences for both FIT and group accounts with a strong emphasis on “uniqueness and personalization”. Surfing through TurkeyTourCenter.com, Vanguard's online catalogue of products, you can find samples of services including:


- Custom shore excursions

- Custom land tours

- Private yacht charters along Turkish Riviera

- Biking & hiking programs along Southwest Turkey

- Excursions and land tours by Harley Davidson and Ferrari

- Special interest group tours for parishes, museum and alumni organizations

- Custom tour programs concentrating on philanthropy

- Incentives and meetings

- Pre and post cruise extension packages

- Honeymoons



What's new?


Experiential Travel:

In today's interpretation of luxury the discerning travelers look for the "experience" and return for their most precious asset, their leisure time.


At Vanguard Travel Services we boast our ability to craft unique travel programs to enhance the "experience" and "essence" that the savvy travelers are striving for.

Whether the call is for an outdoor adventure, art and craft hunting program or a cultural itinerary, our product development team will spice up the product in accordance with the travelers' wish for the ultimate experience. Please click here for our unique programs enhancing experiential travel.


New Offices - Vanguard’s new offices are located right across the port of Istanbul, enabling a hands-on approach leading to unmatched customer service for shore excursions of both FIT and groups accounts.