Vanguard & Philanthropy


Join Us at Vanguard to Make a Difference!


Vanguard Travel Services, as a premier destination management company offers unique travel experiences to discerning travelers to Turkey as well as generate a financial benefit for the existing cultural, social and natural wealth of our country. We take it as one of our primary duties to give back to our beautiful country, peoples of Turkey and the rich culture that reflects a combination of the countless civilizations that have made these lands “home”.


Serving affluent travelers wishing to join us in adopting the human kind’s responsibility towards habitat and society, at Vanguard Travel Services we have developed philanthropy programs that offer opportunities to “responsible” travelers to partake. The programs that we sponsor and for which we channel sponsorship by willing participants, create life changing experiences and contributions to community in fields of health, women’s rights and status in society, education and conservation of habitat. At Vanguard we have the expertise to make your vacation a true enriching journey that you will always remember because through travel you will have touched a young girl’s heart with your support to her education to be able to build a future on her dreams or you will have taken an active role with a tree sapling planted on your behalf in Turkey’s battle against erosion.


Born to live in one of the most amazing places on mother earth, we deeply care for our people, humanity and natural habitat. We know we are not alone in our willingness to make a difference. Contact us at for further details of involvement in our programs that are available for participation.