Special Interest Tours


The lands of today’s Turkey have been attracting the attention of western travelers, archeologists and historians since 17th century. With the advance of modern archeology through 20th century, more and more ancient settlements of civilizations such as the Hittites and Romans have become profound interest as new excavation grounds to the enthusiasm of the scholarly mind.


Today, Christian parishes, groups of alumni organizations and various institutions organize trips to Turkey where they find the opportunity to explore history from different aspects. Owing to his years of experience serving as a professional lecturer guide for special interest groups, Ferit takes the primary role as the “CHEF” in crafting the best FIT programs with the out-of-the-ordinary experiences, spicing them up with access to unique venues and opportunities to facilitate first hand contacts with significant local personalities.


As a dedicated philanthropologist, Ferit has built strong relationships with organizations that serve the Turkish society in fields of health and education as well as the preservation of natural habitat. Ferit’ s excitement and eagerness to build bridges through his special interest programs make the job of our tour operator and travel advisor clientele so much easier as he has the talent and an effective network to create travel programs that are life changing experiences.


Please contact Ferit at feritk@vanguard-ts.com for inquiries and questions on special interest tours.